Monday, 17 June 2013

Paul Weller could have another child

Paul Weller may have more children - even though he already has seven kids.

The 'Wild Wood' singer has a huge brood - most recently welcoming twins John Paul and Bowie with his wife Hannah Andrews in January 2012 - but he still won't rule out becoming a parent again in the future and will leave it up to the ''planets'' to decide.

Speaking to Absolute Radio's Sarah Champion at the Isle of Wight Festival this weekend, the 55-year-old musician said: ''My children - they're keeping me busy. I've got no plans to have anymore but you don't know what the planets have got in store - never say never.''

In addition to the twins, Paul has grown up children Natt and Leah from his first marriage to DEE C LEE as well as Jesamine and Stevie Mac from his 13-year relationship with Samantha Stock and another daughter, Dylan, from a brief relationship with a make-up artist.

Paul is determined to be a hands-on father to all his children and always aims to be the encouraging parent his dad was to him.

He has previously said: ''My father had a really lousy relationship with his own dad and I think you either stay in that cycle or you think - I'm gonna change it. And that's what he did: he took time, encouraged me and my sister.

''So that's what fatherhood in my eyes is; to be friends with your kids, involved. You didn't have that so much when I was growing up. Most of my friends, they were quite the opposite - no relationship with their father, or abusive, awful.''


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